ASRM Advantage

At ASRM you will find a dedicated team that provides customized solutions that addresses our clients’ challenges in the benefit marketplace. Through our forward thinking approach and structure, we are poised to guide our partners through the turbulence ahead and safely land them using these core values known as the ASRM Advantage.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the future of benefits why should anyone limit what they can do or how they can deliver?  A more practical way of delivering benefits in the 21st century is to build around a client’s needs and not the other way around.  ASRM rejects a one size approach to benefits management. 

A goal at ASRM, after sitting with clients to assess their needs, is to get a clear and concise understanding of how their business works.  Once this is acknowledged many paths can be built that lead to a final common goal.  Since a unique freedom exists at ASRM, developers and consultants can easily conceptualize projects to find the best practices and methods to fit different needs.  Through engagement and productive collaboration our systems and platforms are constantly built up to suit those needs. 

By continuing to make the necessary inner changes at ASRM we are adeptly ready to react to the outward changes and differences in your world.  Whether in the conceptual stage, the implementation stage, or the post-implementation stage, ASRM provides the competent agile structure that’s needed in a next generation benefits manager.


ASRM’s business model and a day-to-day culture involve anticipation, collaboration, reaction and implementation.  Our past and future successes have and will be attributed to our responsiveness to our clients’ needs.  Providing what our clients want, how they want it, and when they want it is at the core of who we are.

In house programmers at ASRM take a conceptualized idea and deliver a timely customized solution for a variety of clients.  Building solutions from the back-end forward gives the process the opportunity to change direction, whether from external conditions or personal preference, at a moment’s notice.  Ending with clients who get nothing but optimal solutions to their needs, which are ready to be expanded on and built precisely to their specification in a timely manner.

Having a support structure and relationship built on responsiveness and the need to constantly change puts all partners in a competitive advantage.  Keen to the need to deliver value added cost saving solutions as quickly as possible, ASRM is ready to listen, implement and start saving our clients money.


ASRM has recruited the talent that knows the insurance industry.  With over 100 years of combined experience, our knowledge spans the various fields in the insurance market.  Unlike vendors new to insurance, our expertise and diverse backgrounds help create optimal synergies and solutions.  This wealth of knowledge helps our clients establish a more profitable benefit delivery system time and time again.

Our longevity and assortment of talents helps tie it all together.  By always keeping up with the changing insurance landscape and building upon best practices, ASRM is primed to solve your present and future challenges.  You will not find a more enthusiastic group ready to address the challenges in your benefit delivery model.