ASRM provides services, technology and solutions that not only save money but also help our producer partners differentiate themselves from their competition. Our customized solutions allow you to spend less time working and more time selling and consulting.

Building your personal enrollment portal

ASRM helps producers who are poised to grow their business through successful branded web enrollment portals. The solutions and methods are not only built to provide our producer partners’ distinguished recognition over their competition, but also helps strengthen current relationships. A branded online enrollment portal will give you a unique marketing advantage and brand you as an industry innovator.

Providing Convenience and Cost Savings

Avoid considerable and persistent technology cost from inexperienced tech vendors.

Hefty start-up costs have furthered reluctance to new technology adaption. But ASRM’s long term partnership approach helps completely eliminate these considerable costs. Our pricing structure helps you get your portal developed with no start-up costs.

Consolidate and integrate all your carriers in a one stop shop.

With ASRM’s data management platform, you will no longer have the need to deal with each individual carrier you’re offering. Consolidating and automating all this information will save you both time and money.

Solutions for a Changing Model

Identify opportunities or facilitate demand for increased choice.

Maintain your book of business by helping clients of all sizes cut costs and increase their choice. Proficient in house IT programmers work with multiple carriers across multiple lines to see to it that selection will reflect desired choice.

Provide guidance and solutions to clients looking to transition to a defined contribution model.

The more tools in a producer's arsenal the more they are valued. If the defined contribution trend becomes main stream, be sure you are ready to provide a solution.

Find new revenue streams with added voluntary ancillary products.

Seamlessly add new lines of products to your portfolio without the obtrusive expensive third party integrations.