HR Management Companies

The demand to deliver more new products, quicker, with lower prices has never been greater. Strategic alliances and collaborative business arrangements are revolutionizing how tomorrow's Human Resource Management Companies compete.
Enrollment Portals without Limitations

Keeping Up with Your Competition

A branded online enrollment portal will help build on to the unequalled services you already provide.  ASRM has the resources and the implementation structure that allows small to mid-sized HR managers run with their larger counterparts.  

Supporting a Range of Products

Through the experience and collaboration needed, enrollment portals are built to accommodate the variety of products your clients are seeking.  Capable of working with single carriers and multiple carriers in conjunction with voluntary ancillary producers

An Integrated Network

Simplifying Data Inputs and Outputs

ASRM’s in house programmers help funnel and filter the flow of information for you.  We keep up with the industry standards so you don’t have to.  Routinely providing you and your network timely accurate information.

Eliminate the Fatigue of Working with Multiple Data Sources

A well maintained integrated and automated network helps deliver information in a timely fashion without the inaccuracies created through human error.

Continuing a Model of Efficiency

Providing Better Service at a Lower Cost

ASRM knows your main selling points are the services you offer and the efficiencies they bring to your clients. ASRM only recommends and builds upon this standard you’ve set. The savings are real; the implementation is swift and inexpensive.

Your Ideal Creation

A Satisfied Solution Before an Investment

At ASRM we pride ourselves in our efficient enrollment solutions for our clients.  That is why we created a pricing structure that will ensure your satisfaction before ever incurring any up-front costs.  Proving you the peace of mind that our solution will fulfill all of your expectations.