Proven technology solutions and administrative services make it easier for employers to manage their benefits by saving time, resources and money through a decreased administrative burden.
Diversity and Increased Choice

The Market’s Shift to Consumerism

As the healthcare market shifts more towards a consumer model, employers are embracing choice. ASRM streamlines the workload of enrolling and administrating plans through single carriers and multiple carriers.

Increasing Value to Your Employee’s Personal Benefit Decision

By offering a diverse portfolio your benefits will better align with each employee’s needs, creating increased satisfaction from your employees that results in better retention.

Creating Profitability through Smarter Efficiencies

Eliminate the processes and reams of paperwork for each carrier and product line you offer. 

Consolidate enrollment, billing and invoices through dependable secure electronic methodologies. 

Increase voluntary payment options through credit card, debit card, ACH, or payroll deduction.

Customized reports allocate more time for analytics and strategic business decisions.

Streamlined Enrollment

The Rewards of the Latest Tools and Technology

A branded enrollment portal will be a single point enrollment processer built to handle multiple processes.  Increasing choice, streamlining data inputs/ outputs, controlling your benefit costs, and educating employees on overall costs. 

Your Enrollment Capabilities

A user-friendly seamless interface will allow employees to choose between single carrier products or products from multiple carriers with additional voluntary ancillary products.  With capabilities of handling either online enrollment, telephonic enrollment or paper enrollment, options can be catered to employee’s preferences.

Increased Value to Employees and Employers

Employees will have a clear explanation of benefits displayed at enrollment and in their online portal where plan selections can all be found 24/7. Displayed contribution amounts will give your employees better understanding of benefit costs.  As a decreased overhead will help grow your bottom line.

Making Management’s Life Easier

Simplifying Administrative Procedures

By simplifying operations your HR representatives will find a reduced work load that can result in more time to take on core responsibilities as they pertain to your business.

Experience the Freedom of Automation

Appreciate improved data accuracy, security, integration and communication through automated data solutions to a variety of vendors. Significantly reducing your need to process paper or manually enter data.

Smoothly Update Information

Year round support makes benefits administration a breeze. Seamlessly update changes such as Life Events, Work Status Changes, and new hires through a self-service portal.

Quicker Observations Leading to Better Understanding

Customized reports created on request provide a deeper understanding and insight on benefit allocation and strategic business decisions.