As the global economy speeds up, choosing the right partner is the best weapon for today’s successful carriers. ASRM will help you compete, thrive and triumph in the post-healthcare reform world.

Cost Pressures and the Need for an Efficient Technology Partner

Healthcare reform is driving fundamental change in the distribution model of health insurance and encouraging more efficient technology solutions and adoption. As medical loss ratio requirements put added pressure on overhead costs, limiting your exposure to multiple third parties helps relieve some of this pressure. ASRM, a fully certified and experienced benefits administrator, combines technology and administration under one roof. Our combined services, expertise and technology solutions help create new efficiencies that reduce overhead.

Multiple Lines

Don’t Hold Back Any of Your Lines

The new age of consumerism is upon the insurance industry. With regulated margins and a more competitive field it behooves smart businesses to grab as much of the market as they can. ASRM can help deliver the variety of great products you offer. Acting as your enrollment or data intermediary we help streamline the processes that bring the perfect product to the right consumer.

Modern Enrollment for Complex Products

Unleashing Great Products to a Wider Market

ASRM’s programmers can tackle the online enrollment issues that surround complex underwritten insurance products.  Resulting in a seamless user-friendly accurate process for you and your customer.

Adjusting to New Requests and Building Brand Loyalty

We help maintain your book of business by keeping up with your new enrollment requests without stretching your resources thin. By embracing change and catering to requests from your small to mid-sized clients, you will help build your brand loyalty and allow you to focus on a wider distribution.

Pricing That Makes Sense

Implementation Cost

ASRM develops its solutions for our clients without ever asking for any up-front costs. Getting the right solution implemented within an expected time frame is important to us, and making sure our clients are satisfied before ever asking for a penny is at the root of who we are.