What We Do

Providing Customized Technology & Administrative Support to Address the Challenges of a Changing Benefits Marketplace
Benefit Management

ASRM’s benefit management platform is designed to give its clients the flexibility needed to efficiently manage the delivery of benefits in this challenging and changing environment. This starts with enrollment. ASRM provides a portal that complements the services its clients provide whether these services come from a single carrier/ single line or multiple carriers/ multiple lines. A fully integrated and automated portal will reflect more suitable benefit options and cost savings as the industry transitions into an era of consumerism and efficiency.

Billing and Collecting

Billing and collecting can no longer be designated as a back office function. Today, billing and collecting plays a major roll in customer satisfaction. For carriers and brokers alike, those that deliver solutions that meet their objectives see improved retention, cross-selling opportunities and ultimately more revenue.

ASRM provides customizable, accurate billing and collecting solutions for our clients. The days of one-size-fits all solutions are over. Unlike flashy, and often overpriced competitors, ASRM has the ability and willingness to solve unique problems affordably and efficiently.

Groups can process multiple payment methods and policies at once and receive one bill. Regardless of the number of policies or variety of carriers they have purchased from, customers receive one bill on the day of their choosing that meets all of their objectives.

ASRM customized billing and collecting solutions builds on best practices and helps clients distinguish themselves from their competitors. Through this ability, carrier and broker clients can distinguish themselves as innovators within their industry.

Group Billing · Individual Billing · Consolidated Billing · ACH Bank Drafts · Credit or Debit Card Processing · Payroll Deduction · Direct Deposits · Flexible Frequencies · Payroll with Missed Premium · And More

Third Party Administration

ASRM sets the standard for seamless, efficient administrative solutions across a range of diverse products.  With so many unique challenges and quick industry changes, it pays to be partnered with an administrator that evolves rather than be subjected to the limitations of other providers.

By providing a portfolio of services that covers the industry from soup to nuts, partners can utilize services a la carte. In addition, a fully staffed IT department stands ready to develop future programs to maximize efficiencies and create administrative time savings, all while providing the highest level of data integration for our clients.

Don’t let old technology, inexperience, time constraints, or lack of resources prevent you from launching new products, services or processes to the market. ASRM knows the challenges that arise in the insurance industry and through that experience can help guide successful launches and manage on-going administration.

We understand that certain challenges in the insurance industry can be very specific. That’s why we allow you to choose the services that meet your specific needs. Let ASRM’s core values and dedicated team design an intelligent custom solution for you.

Claims Adjudication · COBRA · Compliance · Underwriting · Customized Reporting · Fulfillment · And More 


In order to engage today’s diversified work force, a strategy must be built and implemented using multiple channels of communication. ASRM combines a variety of engagement marketing tools with online enrollment and administrative systems to create a powerful end-to-end solution.

Each employer group has a unique corporate culture that will require different solutions for their different needs. Age and social demographics play their roles in the effectiveness of various forms of communication. Taking the time to think through benefit messages will yield longterm results.

Traditional communication methods still hold their value in today’s benefit market place. But their effectiveness on younger generations in the workforce is lacking. In order to maximize the performance of your benefit messages you must be prepared to deliver your message in a way members trust and feel comfortable with.

ASRM provides partners with old and new communication solutions. An onsite fulfillment center stands ready to meet all your direct mailing needs. For enrollment, ASRM supports members through online chat availability and automated text messaging. For on-going administration, ASRM provides a branded customer service website. And for education, ASRM produces customized multi-media videos to integrate all along the way.

Decision Support Tools · Bilingual Call Center · Direct Mailers · Video Production · Online Chat · Text Messaging · And More   


As organizations look to broaden their mix of benefits to generate additional revenues, the management and administration of these products is becoming more and more complex, potentially leading to costly errors and delays. Outsourcing an enrollment solution eliminates this administrative burden and opens up the opportunity for new revenue streams.

With enrollment from ASRM’s ABM Platform, clients can expect reductions in the administrative workloads, while delivering solutions that meet the demands of their market all in one centralized location.

ASRM’s ABM Platform provides annual enrollment and supports year-round benefit administration changes through custom branded, user friendly, online portals. With secure carrier integrations, the ABM automates the data feeds across multiple carriers.

ASRM’s enrollment solutions can handle the most complex benefit rules, such as age-banded, tobacco rated, salary-banded, or customized rules. With built in Evidence of Insurability functionality, there’s no longer any reason to hold back any of your lines.

Defined Contribution · Branding · ACA Support · EOI Functionality · Telephone Enrollment · Customer Support Website · Waiver Management · Plan Comparison Tool · Multiple Carrier Integration · And More