ASRM Approach

Our approach is simple, collaborative, and designed to fulfill our client’s needs and expectations. Pre-developed in house programming designed for unique customization will be used as a foundation to build a variety of solutions. Although your needs may be many ASRM’s four step approach is and has always been a roadmap to your efficient, quickly implemented, new customized benefit delivery platform.
Step 1 - Conceptualize

Initial meetings are established with the goal of understanding your benefit delivery model as it exists today, and defining how you want your delivery model to work for you tomorrow.   Together we determine whether seamlessly offering products from multiple carriers, multiple lines, voluntary ancillary products or elegantly creating a defined contribution path best suits your needs.  This collaborative approach helps our developers conceptualize and designate the appropriate path for you.

Step 2 - Back-End

In house programmers begin the process by fully integrating with all the data sources of your enrollment portal.   By using common industry practices, current relationships, and years of experience programmers are capable of automating and integrating the entire back-end of your enrollment portal.  With code written from the ground up your platform can be built to suit any need.

Step 3 - Front-End

Developers begin the task of building the front-end portion of your portal to fit the theme and message established in step 1.  Coloring, imagery, layout, logo and overall appearance are all customizable to align with your vision.

Step 4 - Implementation

The process shifts toward diligent but swift testing and debugging of your personal enrollment portal.  Only when you are satisfied with our combined creation do we launch it to the world.  Without incurring a single cost, your portal is now ready for open enrollment.