Company History

Providing Customized Technology and Administrative Support that Addresses the Challenges of a Changing Benefits Marketplace

ASRM is a licensed third party administrator that was formed in 2003 by its Managing Partners. After decades of success at all levels of the insurance industry, they identified a marketplace need for a Third Party Administrator that could use technology and automation to reduce the administrative expense of voluntary benefits. Since 2003, ASRM has worked with a number of national insurance carriers to provide insurance coverage to thousands of sponsoring organizations covering hundreds of thousands of insured individuals and their families. In 2009, ASRM correctly indentified that the insurance marketplace would begin to focus more on direct marketing and individual enrollment and billing. Subsequently, ASRM created websites and administrative processes that allowed its customers and their insureds to choose from plans sponsored by employers and others groups and pay for their coverage directly, rather than through payroll deduction or direct bill. Today, ASRM creates custom, branded, benefit platforms for insurance carriers, employers, and producers that allow for enrollment of all forms of life and health insurance, as well as property and casualty insurance. Contact us to find out more.